A trip to Wrestlemania is not prohibitively expensive!

Yes, many commercial travel providers charge about 2000€ for the trip. This basic option includes the flight, accommodation in a four-bed room (2 beds occupied by 4 people), transportation on site and Wrestlemania tickets. Each additional ticket costs additionally and could only rarely be ordered through the provider in the last years. So it was necessary to organize the tickets on one’s own anyway. Our following calculations are based on comparable parameters:
As a total package we understand: Flight, accommodation, good tickets for NXT, Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania , RAW, Smackdown as well as some good Indy recommendations.

Examples of our trips:

Tampa (unfortunately cancelled due to known situation):
Flight: 375 Euro incl. suitcase
Airbnb: for four p.p. 189 Euro
WM: 258 Euro
RAW/SD/NXT: 375 Euro
Total : ca. 1200 Euro

New York:
Was quite expensive – about 1500 euros

New Orleans 2018
Flight : 450 € (quite expensive as New Orleans is not served directly).
Hostel: very good rating (2 bed room) 150 euros.
Wrestlecon first row: 110 euros
CZW: 50 euro second row
ROH 50 €uro
WM : 320 Euro
Raw: 115 Euro
total therefore about: approx. 1250 euros

Orlando 2017:
WM 100 Block : 450 dollars
RAW 110A Block 55 Dollar
1x Axxes : 50 Dollar
Wrestlecon Supershow ticket 1 row for 99 Dollar
Hotel with 4 friends for 260 dollars p.p
Flight : 400 Euro
total therefore about 1300 Euro

Dallas/Arlington 2016:
Flight : 430 Euro (direct flight to Miami)
Wrestlecon : Row 1 for 90 Euro
WM: Block 109 for about 400 Euro
RAW & SD: 111a for together 112 Euro
NXT for about 120 Euro
Hotel for the Mania time 112 Euro with 4 friends
altogether therefore about 1300 Euro

These are only some sample calculations.

The comparison becomes even clearer if you calculate with a person traveling alone. While in our examples the hotel/Airbnb price is approximately doubled and one then invests as a single traveler about 2000€ for the named total package, it is with the commercial provider with a comparable offer of flight, accommodation and tickets for Wrestlemania and the WWE Weeklys already about 3800€.

The advantage of the commercial provider is that you do not have to worry about anything else. And to whom this service is worth the money, he should continue to use the commercial providers. We only show that you can afford the childhood dream Wrestlemania for a, in comparison, favorable price by a little own engagement and openness.

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