Dallas 2022 – WrestleMania 38

For me, that means memories first and foremost. Memories of WrestleMania 32, my second Mania and my first with Robert.
The story of how Robert and I met you can find on the page “Group“. 😉

It has to be said that Dallas is not THE tourist city in the USA. But that is, in my opinion, not so bad. Besides wrestling there is not much time for other things. A Mania Week is not a vacation, it can be quite exhausting.

Therefore, my advice, especially for those who travel to WestleMania for the first time, plan a vacation in the U.S. afterwards (if you are already over there) or plan so that you have a few days after arriving back in Germany without meeting your boss.

Dallas, despite not being a tourist city, offers a few small attractions.
It is the death city of ex-president Kennedy, has an amusement and water park, a zoo and of course many restaurants and bars.

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