WrestleMania trip as a group or alone?
We think traveling alone is lame!
That’s why it’s important to us that people traveling alone can quickly find access to others.


We offer our constantly growing community, in addition to the direct personal exchange, contact sections such as “find-a-roommate” and “share-a-ride”.
In order to stay in contact while at Mania, there is also a Whatsapp group.

One can arrange to meet up, make joint bookings and find travel partners.
Travel partners from which friendships can develop and thus future travel groups.

In the run-up the community of our Facebook group helps with all kinds of questions. Especially in the time of the pandemic, the exchange about cancellation conditions and procedures has proven itself.

Traveling alone is lame? In our community you will find the connection. Just try it out 😉

Holger, Robert and Andreas
A short report from Andreas about how the friendship with Robert developed:

It all started for me with WrestleMania 31.
Actually I had planned to say goodbye to wrestling. For a long time I had no more big interest, but one childhood dream I still wanted to fulfill after all the years, I am fan since 1998, and after all the LIVE events in Germany.
One WrestleMania , just one – as a farewell.

I had no experience and my English was not the best – so wonderful conditions to make such a trip.
So I planned three weeks in the USA, traveling alone down the West Coast – from San Francisco to Los Angeles, via Las Vegas to San Diego. Alone, without good English skills in a rental car as a road trip!
So to all those who think you have to have the best English skills: Don’t worry 😉 !

Well, what can I say – as soon as I got off the plane and landed back in Germany it was clear that this was not a goodbye but a beginning.
To experience Wrestlemania LIVE, sorry if I say that, but against that EVERY WWE LIVE event in Germany is a joke (since then I avoid them too).

I shared my experience on several wrestling boards and then was already promoting the idea of self-organized travel.
On one of these boards Robert contacted me.
I also advised him on how to plan for WrestleMania 32. In the course of this we found out that we could get along quite well and so we also planned a meeting on site.
And so it should happen.
In Dallas, in an underground car park, I met this strange guy with his best friend – and since then, an acquaintance from a wrestling forum has become a very good friend, with whom one always likes to travel.