We are not a travel company, we are simply fans who advise other fans. It is therefore all the more important that our tips and tricks also meet with positive feedback from our members. So that our members are actually supported in the organization of such a trip.
Meanwhile we are the biggest group of self-organized trips to Wrestlemania in Germany. There is no other place where you can get all the information about this trip, gathered in one place and always up to date. Surely there is all the info also distributed on many forums. All the info in one place, you can only find that with us!

Member survey

One year after the launch of the Facebook group, we conducted an anonymous survey of our members. 94.3% of the members said that our group had supported them in their individual planning.
According to the evaluation of our survey, our members felt especially supported in purchasing tickets (including presale codes) and in organizing such a trip (entry to the USA, accommodation, flights, etc.).
Compared to commercial providers of travel to Wrestlemania, our members stated that they saved an average of approximately 500€ – 1000 € per person through our support in self-booking.
97,1% of the members wished a continuation of the group and an update on upcoming Wrestlemanias. This positive feedback is and was an incentive to continue our group and to make it even better known.
We are very pleased that 97.1% of the members would/will recommend us.
We thank all our current and future members for their feedback and for the lively exchange and mutual support!