Hey Wrestling Fan,

glad you found our website. We hope you like our website and that it helps you plan for WrestleMania, because that’s where you want to be, isn’t it?

Of course you want to go there, otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up with us. As a fan, you want to experience the wrestling event of the year LIVE. We understand you completely, after all, this desire also drove us to build this site. Okay, actually not this page but first of all a Facebook group. The website was added to give fans like you a first impression and to show that joining the group is worthwhile.

But back to the topic… WrestleMania live… That’s way too expensive, you hear it again and again when you talk to fans. However, this is a fallacy. We are fans who want to show how a good WrestleMania week can be realized at an affordable price. At this point it should be said: We do not pursue any commercial intentions, do not sell tickets and are not a travel company!

We want to explain basics, tips and tricks as well as insider knowledge to be able to realize the childhood dream of many people, a trip to WrestleMania, as inexpensively as possible.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: Us, that are Andreas, Robert, Benny and Tobias – the team of Mania Travel!

Andreas started with WrestleMania 31 and has been doing it ever since, always in self-organization. You can now profit from this experience.

In order to be able to act quickly and share the latest information, we have, as mentioned at the beginning, created a community on Facebook, which you can find under the following link: Mania Travel

As a member of the group you will get all kinds of information about the upcoming WrestleMania, the destination with leisure activities, all information about entering the USA, the dates to buy tickets to WrestleMania, RAW, SD, NXT Hall of Fame and other WWE events, presale codes to buy tickets and direct links to all Indy leagues and their events during the Wrestlemania week.

In addition to this information, there is a strong community on our Facebook page for exchange as well as for traveling together, e.g. via a housing exchange or the creation of carpooling opportunities.

We receive mostly positive feedback from the members of our group.
You can read a few reviews in the Reviews section 😉

The Mania Travel Team wishes you a lot of fun.


Thomas D.:

"Wrestlemania Reisen" is a great platform. For everyone who wants to be at Wrestlemania once in a lifetime, you don't...
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Jennifer HC.:

The group is great. You get in touch with like-minded people and can exchange experiences. Especially if you are traveling...
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Dennis W.:

The Facebook group "Wrestlemania Reisen" helped me with planning the trip, getting first-hand travel information, and networking with new like-minded...
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Sascha K.:

Hi, the group has also helped me a lot for my first WrestleMania trip.I got help very quickly when I...
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Michael F.: 

I personally like the group very much. After I already had several attempts at commercial providers and these did not...
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