Thomas D.:

“Wrestlemania Reisen” is a great platform. For everyone who wants to be at Wrestlemania once in a lifetime, you don’t have to be a millionaire. Thanks to “Wrestlemania Reisen” you can learn how to plan such a trip and at the same time keep the costs as low as possible. In addition, you are usually not alone on site and you can have a lot of fun besides Wrestlemania.

Sascha K.:

Hi, the group has also helped me a lot for my first WrestleMania trip.
I got help very quickly when I had questions about the tickets and also about the ESTA for entry into the USA.
Since I would have traveled alone, I would have even met people through the group with whom I could have gone to the events together.
So if the chance arises again I am happy to participate again.

Michael F.: 

I personally like the group very much. After I already had several attempts at commercial providers and these did not work for various reasons, I have received a great insight with this group as how it can also be done in your own organization. And the whole thing is much cheaper. If Corona allows it, I will now experience Wrestlemania in Dallas next year with Robert, Andreas and Andre. I am very grateful to Robert and Andreas for this group and I think it’s great how this group is growing more and more.