WrestleMania goes Hollywood

WWE “WrestleMania 38” is still in full swing as WWE releases the trailer for next year. “WrestleMania” will take place in Los Angeles (California) in 2023, finally returning to Hollywood. And it’s headed to the newly built SoFi Stadium, which hosted the NFL Super Bowl earlier this year. The 39th edition will also take place on two evenings next year. More precisely, on April 01 and 02, 2023.

Historically, the WWE has felt connected to Los Angeles (LA) since the earliest days. As early as 1989, LA was one of the venues for “WrestleMania 2” and returned to the City of Angels in 1991 (WrestleMania 7) and 2005 (WrestleMania 21).

Originally, the return was already planned and announced in 2020 for 2021 (WrestleMania 37). However, this was canceled at short notice due to the global pandemic and moved to the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. But already in the press conference at that time, Vince McMahon shared that he was very happy to bring “WrestleMania” back to Los Angeles. The new stadium, he said, was the perfect place to bring the new visions to life. The place creates opportunities that never existed before.

WWE aired the official trailer for “WrestleMania 39” last night. Of course, we do not want to withhold this from you.

(Quelle: WWE/YouTube | Credits: WrestlingCorner.de)
Original Post in German was written at the 3rd April 2022

First Partnerships

As a new project in the field of wrestling, one encounters a lot of rejection from established fan sites. Many may be afraid that they want to launch a competing project. But we see ourselves as a niche project, specifically designed to provide fans with all the information they need for self-organized trips to wrestling events in the U.S. in one place: That’s why we don’t cover topics like matchcards, rumors of changes and storylines – basically the everyday wrestling happenings.

We are happy to have found two partners with the FB group WPWI and WrestlingCorner.de, with whom we have an excellent cooperation.

If you want to inform yourself about the daily happenings in international wrestling, you are in good hands with our partners.

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Your Mania-Travel Team

What became of… Tour Operator “Erlebnisreisen Amerika”

“Erlebnisreisen Amerika” was for many years one of the top providers of commercial travel to WrestleMania. Until 2017.

According to a report in the WAZ, the former owner of the travel agency based in Duisburg is now on trial for fraud. The damage to the 35 fans is totaled at 126,000 euros.

The former owner claims that he had already sold his company and was therefore not responsible. So far, he has not been able to provide any evidence of this. Now, a witness named at short notice is supposed to be able to confirm this. The case is now to be heard again in court in the new year. Until the guilt is proven, there is a presumption of innocence.

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